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There are two reasons for you to be on this site:

You like some business and want others to know about it



You had bad experience with some business and want others to know about it

Our job here is to make sure others know about your Active Opinion


Try typing “Deverell Snipes” in Google Search…

What have you noticed? The search comes at the top because we have invested thousands of dollars in being on the top. It means that Deverell Snipes, bad, impolite grocer from Smalltown is being shamed to the whole entire world. (Deverell Snipes is imaginary person set as an example for you to see what can you do to someone who provided bad services or was bad to you)


Q & A

1. Is posting here free? – It used to be free. Now it is 99 cents for one ad. Sorry, it is to keep the spammers away.

2. What kind of posts can I make?  Why do I post here? – Any posts. You can post something good or bad about businesses, persons, politicians, government officials etc

3. How do I make sure my post become searchable and visible on the net? – We will make sure you post is searchable. We only ask you to put the name of the business in the heading exactly as you want it be searched.

4. Do I take responsibility for what I post? – Posts are not moderated. We do not have enough staff. So, yes, only facts, please. And no abuse or illegal things of any kind, please.

Important announcement!

www.Activeopinion.org is spammers heaven. No more!

Dear users,

We have switched off the HTML posting feature for our ads.

You have , probably, noticed how many irrelevant ads are there. Well, there will be no more. We will clean them out , eventually.

The purpose of this site is to make any information that you want to put on the net be found easily at the top of search pages.

Thank you for your posts and support. We wish you success in whatever you do.

Have a very nice day!