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Paid Journalism Internships available at The HuffandPuff Post


Paid Journalism Internships available at The HuffandPuff Post

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Anders Breivick and no to refugees domains are in vogue

Anders Breivick and no to refugees domains are in vogue, please, follow the links. Anders Behring Breivik. History domain names. For sale. www.a...

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The Huff and Puff Post

The Huff and Puff Post About TheHuffandPuffPOST Political and social MAG. DO NOT POST COMMENTS THAT CONTAIN ANYTHING THAT IS ILLEGAL IN USA and Australia. F...

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From conversation with an ex-communist

From conversation with an ex-communist Not many people think about it now, but the Communism was a vile dangerous ideology with the goal of conquering the worl...

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Report bad landlord. Punish bad landlord!


Punish bad landlord!

Punish bad landlord! Stories about bad tenants are oft-told yarns that rightly engender sympathy for landlords that are stuck with a mess from a tenant that fl...

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eBay link

eBay link

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Deverell Snipes the grocer

Deverell Snipes is a bad grocer. I bought two punnets of strawberries from him. He assured me that they are very fresh. When I came home - all of the strawber...

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Explain UBSRD

| Complimentary / Alternative | December 18, 2015

Explain UBSRD


UBSRD is a new blogging technique that takes the world by storm.

UBSRD is used to beat the blogging opponent by agreeing to his or her argument and exaggerating the argument to absurd level. Hence, the word UBSRD – modern acronym for “unstoppable beating of shit by reasoning diversion” (absurd). It is an acronym from the same series as LOL, LFMAO etc.

Example: two people argue Western policies on refugees. One says – no to refugees. Another says, we should welcome refugees. They seem to be in an argumentative deadlock. The one who argues against refugees then turns to UBSRD tactic and posts this, where he /she argues that ALL refugees from the world or Africa should be admitted to Western countries. That is UBSRD. The opponent is in the corner because it is an absurd to admit all refugees at once. The proponent of refugees argue that if Western countries do not take refugees , the refugees will die. But he /she will have to admit that ONLY SOME refugees will be taken and others will be left to die. So, the proponents of refugees look like they play Gods and no more than just closet supremacists.

The Huff and Puff Post is the first UBSRD mag in the world.


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Provoked and attacked. Jews force an Aboriginal man to the ground!

| Religion | November 26, 2015

Provoked and attacked. Jews force an Aboriginal man to the ground!

A man screaming “go back to Israel” and “swear to Allah” had to be forcibly pinned to the ground after a scuffle outside a Melbourne synagogue yesterday.

The enraged man cornered an orthodox Jew and then slapped him (if it was not a Jewish victim, it would be called assaulted) during an argument (if it was not synagogue involved, argument would be called- “attack”) outside the Adass Synagogue, south of Melbourne, video posted to the Australian Jewish News Facebook page shows.

Repeatedly claiming to be of Aboriginal descent (that automatically makes Jews even more guilty), he is seen screaming at the Jewish man to “go back to Israel”.

 “I am from Australia,” the Jewish man responds.

Tensions boil over when man in the red t-shirt tries to grab the other man around the neck and is tackled by a group of onlookers in religious dress (no doubt Jewish fanatics).

The group calmly hold the man down until police arrive.

The man has reportedly been charged and will appear in court on January 19, Australian Jewish News reports.

© ninemsn 2015


Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/national/2015/11/27/09/36/jewish-men-attacked-outside-melbourne-synagogue#QCrPlUHXHPKVCfSQ.99

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Australian Muslim soldier ‘labelled a security risk’

| Religion | November 26, 2015

Australian Muslim soldier ‘labelled a security risk’, says he was told he would never be promoted
Lateline By the National Reporting Team’s Alex McDonald and defence reporter Andrew Greene

A soldier who converted to Islam says he was branded a “security risk” and told he would never be promoted because of his religion.

Key points:

  • Australian soldier said he was ostracised after converting to Islam
  • Much of the alleged discrimination was perpetrated by senior officers
  • Prominent Muslim naval captain described one of the incidents as “alarming”
  • The soldier’s wife has taken the matter to the Chief of Army

The lance bombardier claims he was also excluded from group counselling sessions and told to find another job “if he wanted to practise Islam properly”.

As a drone pilot from the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition regiment, he spent eight months in Afghanistan in 2011 where he was immersed in the world of military intelligence.

“He’s a skilled operator of one of the most technical pieces of equipment we have in the Army,” said military lawyer Brian Briggs, who is pursuing a separate compensation claim on behalf of the Brisbane-based soldier.



One question to ask. What did you expect? Some American and Australian soldiers were shot at their backs by Muslim colleagues. I would not be comfortable with this ‘victim’ of discrimination behind my back either.


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And the most persecuted people in the world are…

| Uncategorized | November 26, 2015

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Turkey is a servant of ISIS (Daesh)

| Politics | November 25, 2015

Turkey is a servant of ISIS (Daesh) . NATO protects Turkey. NATO is a servant of ISIS – not much to say!

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From conversation with an ex-communist

| Politics | November 17, 2015

From conversation with an ex-communist

Not many people think about it now, but the Communism was a vile dangerous ideology with the goal of conquering the world. Communists wanted all people and countries in the world to be communist, by any means. Millions of people died in purges, wars and what we call now acts of terrorism around the world before Communism was defeated.

I spoke to an old Russian man who lived through that era and was a member of the Communist Party of the USSR.

He told me that only a small proportion of people in Soviet Union really believed in Communism. Majority of people were “moderate” communists, born into the system ans stack there. However, the small proportion of real, hardcore communists managed to cause such an upheaval that the Communism was a threat to civilized world for decades.

I asked this man, what, in his view brought Communism down. Of course, we know that USA made an effort to bring Communism down. Afghan war and economic crisis in old Soviet Union tipped the communist regime towards disintegration.

The old man agreed with me but added, respectfully, that there was a much more important factor in bringing the Communism down. It was when “moderate” communists stopped supporting the ideology by being “moderate” communists, that the evil system disintegrated. It is when millions of “moderate” communists said – we are not communists, we are not part of this evil ideology and, please, do not even call us communist – it is offensive. These people said – we want to live in the free world.

Importantly, the world supported them in this. No Western newspaper or a political leader said that Communism is a major ideology in the world involving almost a billion people at the time. No TV program was talking about Communism being good and it was just a small proportion of communists have distorted communism to the detriment of a humankind. No Government department in any Western country was spending millions of public money on inclusion and assimilation of communists programs. All the parties just agreed that the Communism is bad and it ceased to exist (except a few small pockets around the world).


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Scandalous Anders Breivick domain names for sale

| Politics | November 15, 2015

Scandalous Anders Breivick domain names for sale

Scandalous Anders Breivick domain names for sale – is it ethical or even legal to have domain name such as:



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Mass migration of whites to African countries proposed

| Miscellaneous, World News | November 14, 2015

Mass migration of whites to African countries proposed

Mass migration of whites to African countries proposed by unnamed group of philanthropists. The plans revealed that some African countries should receive enough white Americans and Europeans to make up to 10% of their populations.

In an interview conducted secretly in unidentified location in California last week, the spokesman of the group said: “Black African countries will be culturally enriched by influx of white people. Mass migration became a normal phenomenon around the world in the last decades. It is not only European countries that should benefit from mass migration…”

So far, there was no opposition voiced by any African countries. Mass migration is a positive phenomenon embraced by Governments and people of Western, predominately white countries.

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Perfect Diet Tracker By Byoni

| Health | December 16, 2014

Tried everything?

Easy to use and comprehensive diet software designed to help you take control of your weight.

The Perfect Diet Tracker includes access to a large database of over 110,000 food items with no ongoing subscription fees or club memberships.


5***** Macworld Editors Choice.

√ Create a personal diet plan

You can let the diet tracker suggest a personal diet plan based on your current situation and the targets you want to achieve or enter your own custom diet plan. The app puts you in control.

√ Track what you eat with the food diary

Track your diet adding items you eat or drink to the food diary. With over 100,000 products in the food database adding items using the smart search is quick and easy.

If you cannot find a product with the smart search you can quickly add it using a form specifically designed for the product labelling in your location.

√ Let your Mac do the hard work

The app takes care of the calorie counting and exercise tracking for you, monitoring your calorific and nutritional intake. Stay within the targets and you will achieve the weight loss you want.

Carbohydrates, protein, fat, sodium and sugar intake can also monitored automatically so you can check you are maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

√ Multiple users?

No problem and no extra charge. Each user can set a password so other users cannot see what you are eating or currently weigh.

You can use the right click menu to copy items and meals between users so entering meals you have taken together is even faster.

√ Full international support

The app can work in pounds, kilos or stones and accepts user measurements in feet and inches or meters. When adding products you can work with standard serving sizes, grams, ounces, kilos and more. Would you prefer to work with calories or kiloJoules? You decide.

The international food database contains products for countries throughout the world including US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australasia and more. Our database is reviewed by humans to maintain the highest possible degree of accuracy and quality and avoid duplicates.

√ Add exercise to receive additional calories.

The app includes an extensive list of exercises you can add to the diary to receive calorie credits.

√ Work with recipes and groups

The recipe and group feature lets you group ingredients and enter them into your diary, perfect for adding your own home cooked meals.

Insert a whole recipe into your diet or just a fraction (e.g. 1/2 a pie) and the app will calculate the calories for you.

√ Smart search

The smart search can use its own internal database or search the internet for additional products. The smart search learns as you use it so the more you use the app the quicker it gets, bringing products you have used before to the top of search results and correcting spelling mistakes to help you find what you are really looking for.

√ Reporting and Graphs

You can monitor your progress with the included reports and graphs. If you need to take a report with you, just print it off!

ⓘ Will the diet work for me?

The calculations used by this app work for the vast majority of people. If you are an extreme athlete, or have a very high body mass index (‘morbidly obese, category III’) the app can still track your diet however it will be unable to suggest a daily calorific allowance. If you fall into either group you should consult your doctor to discuss a suitable calorific allowance and nutritional profile and enter these manually.

ⓘ Product Support

We believe the Perfect Diet Tracker is quite simply the best app of its kind available and want to keep it that way!

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at support@byoni.com so we can help.

Byoni Web SitePerfect Diet Tracker Support
What’s New in Version 3.8.3
This update contains performance enhancements and corrects a bug that caused the charts not to render for some users. The update also expands the food database to over 110,000 items and is recommended for all users.


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