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Top comedy audio books:

| Other | December 9, 2014

Top comedy audio books: https://itunes.apple.com/us/rss/topaudiobooks/limit=10/genre=50000046/explicit=true/xml

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Mobile phone cases

| Other | October 31, 2014

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| Other | October 31, 2014

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Books, books and more books

| Other | October 31, 2014

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Comments Off on This is a big thank you to our long term supplier of ink and toners! Most reliable people.

This is a big thank you to our long term supplier of ink and toners! Most reliable people.

| Other | October 30, 2014

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Comments Off on This site is NOT for sale but it is flattering to receive offers like this…..

This site is NOT for sale but it is flattering to receive offers like this…..

| Other | October 26, 2014

We have received an offer to sell activeopinion.org for $95K (minus 20% commission). We did not take it but it was a flattering moment.

Here is the source of the appraisal. Thank you.

There is a conflicting information from How Much My website worth.

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Comments Off on Dissecting Bolt: Myth we brought terrorism threat on ourselves

Dissecting Bolt: Myth we brought terrorism threat on ourselves

| Other | September 23, 2014

Dissecting Bolt: Myth we brought terrorism threat on ourselves
• SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

WASSIM Doureihi said something very frightening to Muslims protesting in Lakemba against last Thursday’s anti-terrorist raids.
Even more frightening is that no one — no politician, commentator or academic — condemned him.
Doureihi, a veteran leader of the Hizb ut-Tahrir movement, brushed off police claims that the men they’d arrested had planned to behead Australians on the orders of the Islamic State.

Where is the evidence they wanted to behead any Australians?

“Let me say clearly, even if a single bomb went off, even if a thousand bombs went off in this country, all it will prove is that Muslims are angry,” Doureihi said, speaking calmly.

Clearly, he was taking out of context. His speech was a figure of speech, most likely.

Put his comment in context. It was Doureihi who last November told 600 supporters at Hizb ut-Tahrir’s conference in Lidcombe they were victims of “a war on Islam — a war that is being waged in this country as it is in the rest of the world”.

600 supporters – it is hardly an enemy’s army.

And what does the Koran say to Muslims who believe themselves at war? Not to turn the other cheek but fight: “To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to defend themselves), because they are wronged.”

There is no such thing in Koran. Koran teaches peace and tolerance.

This is why Doureihi’s comments were so dangerous and — I suspect — why so many commentators ignored them.
Doureihi was already excusing even “a thousand bombs” here in response to what his organisation claims is a “war on Islam”.
It is that belief which has already landed 21 Muslims in jail for previous terrorist plots against Australians.
So why was this deadly warning ignored?
I suspect it is because Hizb ut-Tahrir finally destroyed the myth that we’ve just brought the terrorism threat on ourselves by “alienating” Muslims, and if we were just nicer some wouldn’t be forced pick up a gun or a knife.
“Alienation” is the myth even moderate Muslim leaders push. Just last week, Brisbane Muslim leader Ali Kadri told the ABC “the root” of Muslim extremism was “a fear of alienation and feeling of marginalisation because of foreign policy, when it comes to Israel/Palestine conflict”.
Incursions into Muslim lands are taken as an ultimate insult. The radicalised elements, that are not many, by the way, use that to recruit young and naive Muslims.
I say “myth” because of one telling fact above all: this country actually has as many Buddhists as Muslims. Yet where are the Buddhist terrorist plots? Where are the angry complaints about “alienation”? Where the warnings to change our foreign policies … or else?
Buddhists were never targeted socially as Muslims are.
No, there is something different with the Muslim community that we haven’t seen with the Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh or Confucian.
Doureihi’s rant nails it: one of the root causes of this extremism is Islam itself, preaching a hatred of nonbelievers and the legitimacy of killing to defend the faith.
Show me one reference in Koran that calls to kill infidels (us).
And how frantically the Left feeds what they should fear. How recklessly our media class — the vanguard of Western self-hatred — goes along with this paranoia and monstrous self-pity that justifies so much violence.
Take Labor MPs Sue Lines, Kim Carr and Melissa Parke, who all recklessly accused the Government of scaremongering about terrorism threats just to avoid talking about its Budget or to sell its anti-terrorism plans. Journalists of the Left even hinted last week’s raids were part of this cynical political plot.
ABC presenter Rafael Epstein asked an astonished Attorney-General George Brandis: “Do you accept in any way the criticism that you’d rather be talking about this than a difficult Budget?”
The Canberra Times suggested the Australian Federal Police and two state police forces were in on this conspiracy: “More cynical minds … will argue that vindication of the Federal Government decision last week to raise Australia’s terrorism alert from medium to high may well have been on the minds of those who planned the raids.”
Wendy Bacon, a professorial fellow with the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, agreed that scepticism over the raids was “justified”, and Crikey political editor Bernard Keane claimed the Government was also sending troops to war in Iraq “to distract from its domestic problems”.
That’s a conspiracy so barking mad that you’d have to think the US, Britain, France, Italy and Saudi Arabia were all donating their armed forces to this war, too, just to help Abbott stop talking about a $7 Medicare co-payment.
You’d laugh if the Left wasn’t, in fact, legitimising the same deadly paranoia of Muslim extremists like Hizb ut-Tahrir.
Just think: “thousands of bombs”.
Irrational fear – no less. If Muslims were that bad- we would all be blown up by now – there are 500 000 of them in Australia.
So can they just cool it with their conspiracy theories before someone gets hurt?

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Lesbian Kama Sutra

| Other | June 19, 2014

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Link to authentic Hallowe’en Party , Agatha Christie’s poirot

| Other | June 6, 2014

Watch here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/tv-season/agatha-christie-poirot-collection/id404752071?uo=4&at=10lGCK

Why have I posted this?

I love this TV series very much. I must confess, I watched most of them for free on YouTube until…. until I have realized that I am stealing from very people who gave me this joy. The people who created this TV series deserve to be rewarded not only with our delight of watching but with some money. That is why I made a decision to buy this series from iTunes from now on and I did. I am proud and content, mes amis.

Hallowe’en Party
Released04 January 2010

Agatha Christie’s Belgian sleuth is called in by an old friend to investigate a drowning, only to uncover a series of mysterious deaths. Novelist Ariadne Oliver attends a Hallowe’en party in Woodleigh Common. During the spooky festivities, she hears young Joyce Reynolds boast of having witnessed a murder years before. The story is heard by everyone present, including her brother, hostess Rowena Drake and the local vicar. Later that evening, Joyce is found drowned in an apple-bobbing bucket, and Ariadne calls in her old friend Hercule Poirot to investigate. Although the local police do not take Joyce’s claim seriously, Poirot soon uncovers a series of strange deaths in the village, and realises that Joyce could have seen any of them. Then another child is found drowned. Can Poirot solve the mystery and prevent any further tragedies?

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Oven-Roasted Italian Sausage : Tasty Recipes

| Other | April 13, 2014

Oven-Roasted Italian Sausage : Tasty Recipes

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  • Top comedy audio books:

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    Top comedy audio books: https://itunes.apple.com/us/rss/topaudiobooks/limit=10/genre=50000046/explicit=true/xml

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