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From conversation with an ex-communist

| Politics | November 17, 2015

From conversation with an ex-communist

Not many people think about it now, but the Communism was a vile dangerous ideology with the goal of conquering the world. Communists wanted all people and countries in the world to be communist, by any means. Millions of people died in purges, wars and what we call now acts of terrorism around the world before Communism was defeated.

I spoke to an old Russian man who lived through that era and was a member of the Communist Party of the USSR.

He told me that only a small proportion of people in Soviet Union really believed in Communism. Majority of people were “moderate” communists, born into the system ans stack there. However, the small proportion of real, hardcore communists managed to cause such an upheaval that the Communism was a threat to civilized world for decades.

I asked this man, what, in his view brought Communism down. Of course, we know that USA made an effort to bring Communism down. Afghan war and economic crisis in old Soviet Union tipped the communist regime towards disintegration.

The old man agreed with me but added, respectfully, that there was a much more important factor in bringing the Communism down. It was when “moderate” communists stopped supporting the ideology by being “moderate” communists, that the evil system disintegrated. It is when millions of “moderate” communists said – we are not communists, we are not part of this evil ideology and, please, do not even call us communist – it is offensive. These people said – we want to live in the free world.

Importantly, the world supported them in this. No Western newspaper or a political leader said that Communism is a major ideology in the world involving almost a billion people at the time. No TV program was talking about Communism being good and it was just a small proportion of communists have distorted communism to the detriment of a humankind. No Government department in any Western country was spending millions of public money on inclusion and assimilation of communists programs. All the parties just agreed that the Communism is bad and it ceased to exist (except a few small pockets around the world).


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